When The Light's Long Gone

by Eunoia

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We are so excited to be releasing this single, into the new year. This was the first time that Eunoia, collectively, wrote and recorded a song together as the full lineup. What I mean by that, is that when Adam had joined, he wrote and recorded his parts for Traces of Blue in a matter of WEEKS. What a freaking champ. However, with this song, Adam brought to us the basic skeleton of his parts for this song and we built everything else around it, together. It was an incredible feeling and we are beyond honored and excited to share it with you.

This song, for Adam and myself, was a way to vent about two completely different subjects, but they shared a similar sentiment. We were both very upset with the ways that we were treated by specific people. The subject deals with that terrible feeling when someone acts a specific way to your face, but then you find out later that they are saying untrue and hurtful things behind your back. It can be a demoralizing thing. This was our way of meditating on the hurt and exorcising it in the only way that we know how: music haha. We really hope that you guys enjoy this song and find something in it that you can relate to.

Love always,


Is there any state, more inane, than this place we made clean
Of our discourse and remorse; a somber seam?
Are you on standby, to chastise, the growth that I heed?

You erase me.

Fabricated by the hate that you fed it.
Pick me apart to make your life more sedate.
Can we meet up, where we both went wrong?
Is there meaning when the light’s long gone?
Break my back like I’m the crutch you’re on.
I’ll try to stand straighter than your gripes so small.

Is there any fate, sure to backdate, this space and its scene?
Rather ignore, than implore; you’ll spread this seed.
Too many apsides; how long to realize that you’re not what I need?

You erased me.
Couldn’t face me.
Better pacing, alone.

Shot dead at the starting line.
Over-rewritten, but never refined.
Set sail on ships marred by false beliefs.
We both know you’ll never make it without me.

Snuffing wick and word…


released January 1, 2016
Lyrics by Tyler James McMaster and Adam Kelly
Music by Eunoia

Produced and mixed by Elisha Endres
Mastering by Full Circle Mastering
Photograph by Brien Hansen



all rights reserved


Eunoia Telford, Pennsylvania

Eunoia are an indie/emo band from Bucks County, PA. This project was constructed by Tyler McMaster as a creative outlet to help him find a sense of eunoia, or "beautiful thought." This band is a journey to happiness and peace; one song at a time.

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