Traces of Blue

by Eunoia

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released June 27, 2015

Eunoia is…

Tyler James McMaster – lead vocals, guitar, acoustic guitar
Adam Kelly – guitar, backing vocals
Logan Freund – bass guitar, backing vocals
Tom Brucker – drums, percussion, backing vocals

Additional Musicians:

Scott Rossiter – trumpet, trombone
Rachel Berman – saxophone
Tre Todd – guest vocals on “Two Suns”
Ellie Perez – guest vocals on “Two Suns”
Quinn Devlin – harmonica

Recorded, mixed, and mastered by Kevin Folk at Warm Body Studios

All music by Eunoia, except "Promise," composed by Tom Brucker
All lyrics written by Tyler James McMaster

Album artwork by Logan Freund



all rights reserved


Eunoia Telford, Pennsylvania

Eunoia are an indie/emo band from Bucks County, PA. This project was constructed by Tyler McMaster as a creative outlet to help him find a sense of eunoia, or "beautiful thought." This band is a journey to happiness and peace; one song at a time.

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Track Name: An Introduction to Imperfect Harmony
Traded my scars for imperfect harmonies
Stringing them out to touch rear-views and arteries too;
By the sill, I still missed you.

It's too late to call and I've got H.P. to read.
Mountains too tall and spirits that I try to see through;
I look up to see traces of blue.

The upsides weren't perfect and now I am over it
A smile's not something to fake.
Maybe time eases pain and the past passed with rain
Please don't leave me once my lip starts to shake.

Well it's true, after all, these eyes have seen better days.
But I refuse to fall and heed to the dramas we drew;
Where absence and fear once grew.

After trading my scars for imperfect harmonies
I couldn't go too far until I found the traces of blue;
And they led me right back to you.
Track Name: Collect Calls From a Time Lord
To what to I owe this ardent pleasure?
Disembodied conscience I presume?
Have you found a lead that could bury me?
In this mind, like a prison; always feels like a tomb.
I’ve come to grips with every ascension.
Finding the time to ring them in.
Closing my eyes to every pretension
clawing at the walls of every whim.

I’m getting good at reading the breaths you take.
And who makes the next decision?
At this point is your heart even awake?

To what do I owe this ardor of leisure?
Disillusioned apathy that we consume.
I’ve fought the need to swallow greed
like a bitter pill of decadence taken in bloom.
Handing me down to constant redemptions.
Biting your tongue once my head starts to spin.
Itching to grasp my every attention.
Separate the self in selflessness, limb from limb.

There’s nothing permanent or pertinent in whom you chose to be.
Track Name: Empathy
Your age doesn't constitute how you see me and how you perceive me.
In fact you're more destitute than the vices you cling to and voices you push through.

Never romanticize your screams.

Pick a fight that you'll lose too quickly.
Never knew amends could be made so tricky,
But I can bend, yeah I'm a sophomore slump.
I'm growing numb; I'm growing numb
I'd be better at trading hearts than trading lungs.
Be better at trading hearts than trading lungs.

My chest has faced better storms than what you have dealt me and how you resent me.
Such ruse that you seldom use; to weaken defenses; self-pity feels relentless.

Pushing out, then in.
In the safety of your sins.
Push it out again.
It's a fight you can't win.
Track Name: Two Suns
Winter’s chill blew through too soon.
Anger wills the worst in us to bloom.
Fear can turn; alienation consumes.
Two suns shall burn and tear apart the room.

Silence builds much higher if you stay.
The cheapest thrills are all I offer these days.
If I scale that hill, will my efforts even change
this catalyst that haunts our remains?

Sunrise to sunset, I can feel you in every half-step.
We capsize; God I’ve lost it.
I hear you in every misstep.

Feral and cognizant, at the back of my lungs again.
Track Name: Father's Day
Golden slumbers come fewer now; all thoughts will wander and collect like snow.
A fractured fissure in your hungry heart.
A sad perdition that we begged not to spark.
You fought forever with your demons and doused flames with every dream.
Never callous in your reason as you stitched up weathered seams.
You and I always felt tortured by the ledgers in our breath
and no one told us to breathe easy,so I guess that’s all we get.

So don’t let the current sway you; we’ve got miles of mountains left.

The way I hold you in the highest of esteems will always keep you in the pitches I scream.
And every dollar that you spent to keep me safe
is all I can barter for that keep sake.
You’re a father and a soldier against the shadows in my head.
While the weather still gets colder, you retaliate in stead.
Coliseums may lay in ruin, but we shall build our own rapport.
There’s nothing short of your intuition that can shirk the diamonds in your soul

So don’t let the current name you; you’re my hero, my partner and my friend.
Track Name: The Mirror Wipes a Canvas Dry
Terrified by scores of faux-pas fictions.
Losing to blurry eyes; contrived of all contrition.
Paradise is void of all restrictions,
strictly the ocular kind;
They paid for our convictions.

A proper paradigm.
A fixed plot of lines.

Fortified to waves by our volition.
Can barely crest the tide; can’t face the solemn vision
keeping us in line; the insecure condition.
Bleating bleak lullabies.
The mirror’s our own religion.

And we’re so set on finding ways to hate all that makes up our complexity.
If we are all a grand creation, then we are all made comely.
Never paint your canvas with hatred;
Never weigh your true beauty.
We may claim that we’re the experts, being that we’re always face-to-face.
But it is always the inner struggle that can take us to a better place.
Track Name: A Beautiful Thought...
The rainbow ran red again…even darker than the shifting light.
Bitterness implodes into resplendence and anger spreads like blight.
The sun can shine; the sky can bloom, like the effervescence of the room.
Yet tired eyes and a restless mind breathe fire; feeding off of gloom.

And it consumes the room.

Colloquial cat-and-mouse dash accents to every shadow in the house.
Secrets among the roses.
Twenty-first centurion Faust spitting decades of redemptive prose, monitoring every dose.
Make the party proud.

It gets so loud.

If I and I could decide, we’d find the strength to divide.

Internal monologues louder than bombs.
Lost far and wide amongst the prongs.
Like turpentine amongst the throngs, the bitter pill hath spread.
Tiny seeds of doubt are fine just as long as the souls around are blind
And hey, as long as there’s always a mountain to climb,
Try not to hang your head…

(OH!) Acceptance.
That is the first step.
Though the wood has all but worn away and only piano keys reside in its wake.
Ginger steps bring inevitable racket as the ascent is timidly made.
Is the journey not often granted and a secret that is not well kept…
Not simply of self, but of whole.
Like the completion of a novel.
Validation of an idea.
A marriage between tissue and soul.
A common ground to which your roots can grow on.
One simple step.
One simple step.
One simple step…
To eunoia.
Track Name: Anxious Witness
I wrote out my needs and pushed them aside.
Set eyes to my feet and acted alive.
Why should such dreams sneer and oblige?
As they anchor my feet and tire my eyes.

My temples are radio warm.
Test the temp that churns out each score,
the monsters aside of each door; you feel worn.
A soul is considerable racket when the poise in each pause won't correct it.
The skips in my heartbeat sound wrong; I feel wrong.

I mended the trees and fought for reprise.
Never felt much reprieve in phantom replies.
It's a labor to breathe when peace wears a guise.
Rob every wavelength of its purity; its hope; its guilt and its pride.

Kept me awake.
With every intake that I fake and abate.
Feels like folly,
as you claw to the surface that you pray will break,
will break.